About Us

Cratos Life is a juristic representative of Discovery Life, an authorised financial services provider, FSP 18147.

Our Story

Cratos Life was established in April 2013, by Graeme Twidale. Cratos Life offers professional and individual solutions to its clients, aimed at future financial security. Our key focus areas are wealth management and preservation as well as effective financial planning. Cratos Life is a Discovery Group Consultancy distributor of Discovery Health, Life, Invest and Insure.

Over a lifetime you can ensure your financial freedom and independence if you invest when you are young. A solid investment solution starts with financial planning, knowledge, analysis and commitment to your dreams.

Why chose Cratos Life?


Cratos Life financial advisors will meet and discuss your needs, face-to-face. They build your financial plan based on your exact requirements, making sure your financial future is well structured to suit your unique requirements.


Cratos Life financial advisors are with you every step of the financial planning process.


Our team not only offers the products, but have their own unique requirements covered by Discovery. It’s our commitment to the product portfolio we represent.

Join Cratos Life. Become a part of the most dynamic team in the financial services industry. We regularly develop and train financial advisors at the highest level.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Cratos Life a part of Discovery?

Cratos Life is a (PTY) LTD entity. Cratos Life have been mandated and authorised to sell and market Discovery products on their behalf. We form part of the Discovery Advisory Group.

Q: Are there additional fees added on by Cratos Life?

All fees and commission are within legislation guidelines. We pride ourselves on transparency and efficiency making sure you are not simply a number, but a valued client.

Specific questions?

Cratos Life will answer any financial planning queries with professionalism, click here to complete the contact form.