Enhanced investment opportunities to create and build your wealth

At Cratos Life, we build your investment plan around you personal objectives using Discovery’s comprehensive investment portfolios. In addition, unique Discovery Invest solutions offer:

  • An additional amount of up to 26% on your initial contribution to increase the value of your Discovery Endowment Plan.
  • Reduction in your fees by up to 100% through the Integrator benefit on your Discovery Retirement Optimiser.
  • Receive guaranteed growth and security for your investment with the Guaranteed Return Plans.

Create and build your wealth

Improve your chances of success when you create and build your wealth, by stacking the odds in your favour from day one. We offer investment plans and benefits that will grow your investment faster.

Discovery Invest Plans

Endowment PlanAccess to a wide range of funds that are managed by leading fund managers.
Flexible Investment PlanUniquely designed to encourage you to save more, become healthier, and remain invested for longer. They help increase the growth on your investment by reducing the fees paid on your investment and by protecting your investment when markets underperform.
Offshore Investment PlansAllowing you to invest monthly in US dollars, or invest a lump-sum amount offshore in US dollars, British pounds or euros.
Recurring Dollar Endowment Plan Allows you to save monthly in US dollars, in a range of risk- profiled dollar-denominated funds.
Guaranteed Return PlansFive-year investment plans that give you peace of mind from knowing exactly what your investment will be worth at the end of the five-year period.

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